It's not about predicting the future, it's about preparing for the future...

It's been said that the future comes at us in waves. First a little ripple, then a swell, then the next thing we know the future comes crashing down on us, washing away all that's familiar and certain.

Like a surfer scanning the horizon watching for the next big wave, leaders need to be able to read the currents - those patterns and movements, products and events that may be harbingers of what's coming in the future - and anticipate where the waves of change are breaking.

Cowherd Consulting help you catch the waves of the future.

TrendSurfing is an innovative, engaging approach for anticipating and planning for the future. A combination of rigorous analysis and creative imagination, TrendSurfing examines the DEEPEST currents driving change and provides a framework for creating compelling, plausible scenarios for your future.
Cowherd Consulting helps people and organizations prepare for the future. We believe that the people in your organization know best what your organization needs. Our approach is to involve as much of the entire system as possible in creating that organization's future.
We offer highly customized, future- focused consulting, facilitation, and training services designed to align the systems, structures and skills that you will need to succeed in the future.
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